Thesis on znse thin films

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Thesis on znse thin films

Semiconductor spintronics refers to the possibility of storing information using the electron spin, additional to the electron charge, for enhanced flexibility in nanoscale semiconductor devices. The heterostructures are grown on GaAs substrates by molecular beam epitaxy.

Thesis on znse thin films

From various electron-beam based diffraction, spectroscopy and microscopy techniques, it is shown that Fe grows epitaxially and predominantly in a layer-by-layer mode on ZnSe with no presence of chemically reacted phases or interdiffusion.

An in-plane uniaxial magnetic anisotropy UMA is detected for thin Fe films on ZnSe by magnetometry, thus opposing the cubic symmetry of bcc Fe. From first principles calculations, the unidirectional sp3-bonds from ZnSe are shown to induce this uniaxiality.

Moreover, an in-plane anisotropic lattice relaxation of Fe is found experimentally, seemingly as a consequence of the sp3-bonds, giving an additional UMA contribution via magneto-elastic coupling. It is found that the magnetic moment at the interface is comparable or even enhanced with respect to the bulk Fe.

Place, publisher, year, edition, pages Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensisphd thesis of thin films PhD thesis on ZnSe thin films Schottky barriers: Sumbit PhD thesis of Sumbit Chaliha of Gauhati University () on the topic STUDIES OF ZnSe AND INDIUM TIN OXIDE.

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Nanocrystalline ZnSe powder and thin film forms have been synthesized via chemical bath deposition technique. The ZnSe thin films are deposited onto ultrasonically clean glass substrates in an. In this paper the optical method based on multisample modification variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry (VASE) is used to characterize thin films of ZnSe prepared by molecular beam epitaxy onto GaAs single crystal substrates.

Optical and electrical properties of SnSe thin films are dependent on the preparation technique. Thermal evaporation is the most commonly employed method in preparation of thin films because it is very simple, economical, and convenient [5].

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Download and read online for free PhD thesis on ZnSe thin films Schottky barriers . Undergraduate thesis: "The Depositing and Annealing of ZnSe Thin Films by Magnetron Sputtering" (11//) Student research project: Synthesizing Te and Bi2Te3 nanowires by chemical Student at Michigan State University.

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