The key characteristics of an erp system information technology essay

Best practices[ edit ] Most ERP systems incorporate best practices. This means the software reflects the vendor's interpretation of the most effective way to perform each business process. Systems vary in how conveniently the customer can modify these practices. They can also help comply with de facto industry standards, such as electronic funds transfer.

The key characteristics of an erp system information technology essay

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Entity is a class of real world thing whose role of interaction with the enterprise is well-defined. Each entity has a unique name which should reflect the role that is played by that type of object. These things may be physical objects abstract concepts.

Each entity must be distinct from but fulfill the same role as other occurrence of the entity.


Instructor in ERD defines entity. On diagram, each relationship is shown linked by lines to entities to which it refers. Each relationship frame that includes the entities involved and other text forming a complete sentence.

Yourdon system methods, model driven methods, Each occurrence of relationship corresponds to a specific occurrence of a "Course" and a specific occurrence of "Topic". A relationship that refers to two entity occurrences is called binary relationship.

A relationship involving more than 2 entity occurrences is referred to as higher order relationship. When entity is repeated in relationship,the relationship is referred to as being recursive.

For recursive relationships, the role for the entities must distinguished as it can be seen in the frame that employee reports to other employee who is manager.

The key characteristics of an erp system information technology essay

If the occurrence of entities in a recursive frame is not significant the relationship is known as symmetric. The relationship " is friend of" is an example of symmetric relationship. This is the entity which acts as entity and relationship both.

As a relationship it indicates a group of real world associations between entities. Attributes of associative entity do not describe the entities that participate in relationship but the occurrence of relationship between them.

Each occurrence of "marriage" records the fact that specific man was married to a specific woman on a specific date. Subtype, Subtyping and Supertyping: Subtype of entity is a well defined group of occurrences of entity that may be regarded as entity in its own right.

Subtyping indicates that the enterprise regards the entity as being made up of number of distinct identifiable groups each of which is referred to as a subtype.

The key characteristics of an erp system information technology essay

In STD, each state represents a period of time during which the system exhibits some observable behavior. Components of STDs Access: Access on STD shows the possible access to the occurrence of entity when change of state occurs.

Where it is difficult to draw diagrams without crossing transaction lines a pair of connector symbols may be used. On diagram connector "op"is used in this way. Example shown is for associative entity "scheduled course".

Transaction Processing and Management Reporting Systems

An entity may have several STD one for each of its state variable. When this event occurs a change of state may occur for one occurrence of the entity but it doesn't always occur.

The responsibility whether or not it does occur resides in a data process. A transition to this initial state is referred to as an initial transition and must always include "create".

Each occurrence of the entity have a well defined state for a given state variable. Each schedule course may have a status of "open","running", "full" or finished".

Purpose of context diagram is to depict how the system is connected to,interacts with other entities which makes its data environment. Context diagram show all external entities which interact with the system and all data flows between these and the system.

Components of Context Diagrams:Any system has to possess few key characteristics to qualify for a true ERP System.

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These features are: Flexibility Modular and open Comprehensive Beyond the company Best business benjaminpohle.comL FEATURES OF AN ERP SYSTEM An ERP System is not the integration of various organization processes.

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The implementation of an ERP system will increase the speed with which information flows through the company, as a result of the integration of all of an organisation's information system computing (Davenport, ).

Earning a Master’s of Business Administration is a great way to prepare yourself for a variety of roles within the business world, including positions within business operations management, medical and health management, IT management, financial management, and many others.

CHAPTER 4 DEVELOPMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS (TM). As mentioned earlier, every company to start with, has an information system already in place, be it a file card and pencil based system, a computerized system or an intermediate of the two.

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