Silliman 111th founders week

On my way here, I was informed by colleagues at SGV that Silliman University graduates are highly appreciated not only for their skills as accountants but also for their good character which is important for the profession I also wish to congratulate Silliman University Cultural Affairs Committee on their 50th anniversary which was celebrated last night with wonderful performances. Indeed it is more fun in Silliman! Baguio then had a smaller community where nearly everyone knew everybody. It was also cooler, cleaner and all together a wholesome city perhaps like Dumaguete City.

Silliman 111th founders week

Starting as an elementary school for boys, the school expanded to become a college inacquiring university status in For the first half of the 20th century, Silliman was run and operated by Americans.

After the Second World War Filipinos began to assume more administrative positions, culminating in the appointment of Silliman's first Filipino president in Institutional Accreditation is the highest certification that can be granted to an educational institution after an over-all examination of its number of accredited programs, the quality of its facilities, services and faculty.

Veterans Administration 's list of approved educational institutions. In addition to its academic undertakings, the university is involved in research and community extension projects. Its architecture is reminiscent of the Stick style type of architecture that characterize American buildings in the late 19th century.

Some of the materials used to build it were salvaged from an old theater in New York. The building now serves as the University's Anthropology Museum.

Horace Brinsmade Sillimanwho wanted to establish an industrial school using the Hampton Institute of Virginia model. David Sutherland Hibbarda man from Lyndon, Kansas who, after serving as a pastor in a Presbyterian church in that locality, offered his services to the Presbyterian Board as missionary.

Upon his arrival in the Philippines, he was commissioned, with his wife Laura, to scout the southern part of the islands to determine the best location for the school. His original points of destination were CebuZamboanga and Iloilo. While in Cebu, a suggestion came to him to make a side-trip to Dumaguete.

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Captain John Anthony Randolph, chaplain of the 6th U. Infantry Regiment stationed at that time in Dumaguete, who later introduced him to Don Meliton Larena, the town's local presidente and to his brother Demetrio Larena, then the vice-governor of the province.

Hibbard got attracted to the place and decided to establish the school in the locality. He would later on write that the "beauty of Dumaguete and the friendliness of the people" helped in bringing about his decision.

Hibbard held classes in a rented house beside the sea until the institute's first building, Silliman Hall, was completed in I was President; Mrs. Hibbard was the faculty. Hibbard 's statue, facing the Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete City Enrollment in the school gradually grew thereafter to include students from other Asian countries.

Silliman 111th founders week

In the same year, it was incorporated under the laws of the Philippines. Women started to be admitted inand inthe Silliman Bible School later to become the Divinity School was established in cooperation with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missionslargely representing the Congregational Churches of the United States.

As enrollment in the institution grew further, a corresponding increase in faculty followed.

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These developments were accompanied with the use of a more developed curriculum and the construction and acquisition of more permanent buildings and equipment. BySilliman was already known as one of the foremost institutions for higher education in the Philippines, based on a report submitted by the Board of Educational Survey, which was created by the Philippine Legislature to conduct a study on all educational institutions in the country.

In addition, these boards provided the University with American faculty and staff personnel. Two other American boards have contributed personnel and funds: On 26 Maysome three weeks after the fall of Corregidortwo Japanese transports anchored in Dumaguete.

Silliman was occupied by the Japanese forces and was converted into a garrison. One of its buildings, Channon Hall, became the headquarters of the dreaded Japanese kempeitai or military police where many Filipinos were tortured and killed.

During the occupation, many members of the faculty and the student body were forced to evacuate to four localities within the province. Under the leadership of Founders Day Calendar of Activities.

Theme: EMPOWER ME -- SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD Silliman Performs 'Handulantaw' with the Silliman University Gratitude and Goodwill Ambassadors (SUGGA) and the Launching of Simfonia Sin Arco Hospital Week Celebration (Sunday Worship Service, Floral Offering) SU Church. SUMCFI.

Schedule of activities Aug 17 – Aug 22, 2014

The th Founders Day of Silliman University is a two-week long celebration not only for the students and the Alumni of this honorable educational institution in Dumaguete City, but also for the whole population of Dumaguete. Silliman th Founders WeekSILLIMAN UNIVERSITY th FOUNDERS/HIBALAG FESTIVAL Silliman University once again celebrate its th Founders Week since it was established way back August 28, This years celebration is empowered by the THEME: EMPOWER ME -- SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD a.

Founders Week. Founders Week is part of a two-week-long event conducted by the Silliman community to commemorate the founding of the university.

This event is held in the last week of August. "At Silliman's th birthday" Archived at the Wayback . Silliman University (also referred to as Silliman or SU) is a private research university in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

Founders Week is part of a two-week-long event conducted by the Silliman community to commemorate the founding of the university.

This event is held in the last week . (Speech delivered during the Eminent Persons Lecture on 24 August at the Claire Isabel McGill Luce Auditorium, in celebration of Silliman University's th Founders Day.

[Photo source:].) I thank Silliman University through your President .

th Founders Day Calendar of Activities