Landscaping research paper

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Landscaping research paper

Landscaping research paper

Although Joe employees at least 50 workers, with landscaping being seasonal, he experiences a high turnover. In addition to landscaping and tree trimming, equipment rental is also available to the clients, which adds an additional division to the business.

Research was conducted using the University of Phoenix online library, the course textbook, and online periodicals and materials. Using the information above, a proper entity selection, vision for the business, Landscaping research paper of legal and regulatory issues, and selection of business professionals will be identified to help the landscaping business take the necessary steps for furthered success.

In addition, LSU offers equipment rental to its clients.

However, since the nature of the landscaping business is seasonal, the company is interested in expanding into snow removal, and interiorscaping, making it a year-round operation. The goal is to offset the fixed costs the landscaping business incurs in the winter months, thereby increasing the overall profitability of the company.

Entity Selection Every single fact concerning the business is relevant to the choice of entity decision. Not all of them are of equal importance, but they all matter to some degree. The considerations that should be in the forefront are not the sale of ownership interests to the public, or venture capital financing--these things come later hopefully!

Instead, the initial focus should be on: Being the owner of LSU, Joe probably operates as a sole proprietor. It is recommended that the business change its entity selection to limited liability company LLC.

The main advantages to an LLC are the protection the LLC owners receive from business creditors, and the fact that the owners can still participate in the management of the business. The LLC is often attractive to entrepreneurs because they can retain control of the business by acting as the manager or controlling member while still being able to enjoy the tax benefits of a tax flow-through entity.

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It is rapidly becoming the preferred entity over limited partnerships and S-Corporations both of which provide similar tax benefits because the LLC does not need a general partner and does not require the legal i.

Control of the business is crucial in the event additional owners, or managers are acquired. All local, state, and federal laws must be upheld. Landscape Management July tells us of the top ten issues affecting the landscaping business. They are the H-2B cap, gas prices, water shortages, emerald ash borer EABthe "do not call" list, phosphorus bans, activists and pesticides, sudden oak syndrome, neighbor notification, and emissions regulations.

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The H-2B nonimmigrant work visa provides a method for US employers and agents to obtain the services of foreign nationals to fill temporary needs for additional workers. The maximum authorized period of stay is one year, and the visa may be extended for a total of three years.

However, extension applications are closely scrutinized. One of the most significant restrictions on the H-2B category is the requirement that the need for the foreign worker is temporary.Journal description. Landscape Research, the journal of the Landscape Research Group, has become established as one of the foremost journals in its field.

Online resources for Landscape Architects, Designers, Contractors, Superintendents, and Maintenance Managers from the publisher of Landscape Architect and Specifier News, Landscape Contractor / Design • Build • Maintain. DIY projects you can build to harvest rainwater, reduce water use, and reuse water.

I suppose that the only thing we waste more of than energy is water, and the consequences are probably just as bad -- .

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The intent of this guide is to provide information regarding the state of the art of vegetative roof design and construction. Vegetative roofs, also known as green roofs, are thin layers of living vegetation installed on top of conventional flat or sloping roofs.

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