Health care marketing analysis

Women's Health Clinic Executive Summary The Women's Clinic is a new service that is being purposed in a small urban area outside of a larger city. This area is an opportunity to serve the woman of this area with unique services that have not been offered in the past. We see this as a way to give women a way to be able to get medical care that is targeted toward their specific medical needs in a safe and knowledgeable practice.

Health care marketing analysis

Choosing a Target Market Introduction Health marketing and communication is an emerging field that draws from traditional marketing theories and principles. Health marketing is defined as creating, communication and delivering health information and interventions using customer-centered and science based strategies to protect and promote the health of diverse populations.

Marketing Marketing is the process by which products are used to meet human or social needs. By acting as the link between vendors and consumers, marketing is an essential part of the exchange of goods and services. The fundamental aspects of marketing are the same whether they meet the need for a commercial product or a public health service.

Therefore, health marketing is a form of traditional marketing. Characteristics of the market are considered at every stage in the marketing process, including the initial development of a product.

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To efficiently market the new drink, the product is advertised in the local papers with coupons that offer a price reduction. The company distributes the new drink with their existing products so that it is available at every major grocery store in the country.

Here is how this company used the marketing mix: To efficiently market the new product, the testing kits are announced by the national media and medical journals. The CDC sends free samples of the new testing kits to each of the state health departments, who deliver them to local health departments, clinics and hospitals.

Here is how the CDC used the marketing mix: Tailoring the elements to match the target market and using each component in coordination with one another leads to a successful marketing mix.

Health care marketing analysis

Marketing and Exchange One of the fundamental aspects of marketing is exchange. Individuals pay a price money for goods or services in the traditional definition of an exchange. In health marketing, the exchange often involves a non-monetary price, such as effort or time. Marketing and Exchange Example 1 Price.John L.

Fortenberry Jr., MBA, PhD, PhD.


John L. Fortenberry, Jr. serves as Chair of the James K. Elrod Department of Health Administration, MHA Program Director, James K. Elrod Professor of Health Administration, and Professor of Marketing in the School of Business at LSU Shreveport where he teaches a variety of courses in both health administration and marketing.

Free Essay: Health Care Marketing Analysis Paper Pfizer Inc. is a large pharmaceutical company that engages in the discovery of new technologies, the.

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The situation analysis page of the health plan administration sample marketing plan Our Brands: Search. Sample Marketing Plans; Marketing Software; Marketing Articles Situation Analysis. The health care market has undergone significant changes over the last ten years. The industry as a whole has seen .

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The consumer base for Wheatland Health Services (Home Health Care Services) will be patients referred by physicians, health care facilities and other health care professionals. Home Healthcare Market Analysis Report By Component (Equipment (Diagnostic, Therapeutic, Mobility Assist), Services (Rehabilitation, Infusion Therapy, Respiratory Therapy Services)) And Segment Forecasts - For instance, treatment cost for acute care hospital is around USD 3, per day.

On the contrary, home care cost is approximately USD per day. These settings help to save cost significantly and thus, anticipated to provide a significant push to the market.

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