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How to Write a Summary of an Article? The company is aware they need to see significant sales growth both in the Uk and overseas if they want to stay a competitor in the fast growing global market, but they have encountered problems such as capacity and slow production times along with patents which expired 8 years ago. Although they are still covered by copyright other competitors can copy the invention. Brompton are unwilling to relocate as they have had to train most of its 85 staff in specific skills.

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Pay attention to the kind of language a child might use and to the observations particular to a child. Use as your setting a busy city street, where something has just happened, before the story begins.

It sounded like they were arguing with each other: You punks, have you seen the size of that fire? I thought that someone was going to go crazy whether I went to school or went home so I stayed right where I was.

Most ran straight past me. I saw three land at once, bam, bam, bam! Part 2 In words write a mini portrait of a character, in either past or present tense. Jane had short red hair… Nostalgia and anticipation: For Sarah this was a double homecoming; not only was she back in York but she was standing in her favourite place, on Etma 01 of the Minster, Etma 01 down on the city she thought of as her spiritual home.

The October wind ruffled her shoulder length blonde hair and Sarah smiled, breathing in the smell of the place that she had loved so much and hoped to love again, seeking to absorb the atmosphere with all of her senses.

Sarah was in her early thirties, single, not classically beautiful but still attractive in the slightly bookish way that had always deterred the younger and crasser. It had been over ten years since she had last stood here. She could not believe that so long had passed but, somehow, life had happened and the time had gone.

She was glad that she had come back in the Autumn because that is when she had first arrived here as a 19 year old student and had instantly fallen in love with, this ancient, absorbing, mad, little city. She had started by walking around the city walls, getting on overview of York life from picturesque roofscapes to prosaic ring roads.

Then she went into the heart of the place and found escape from the remaining tourists in what seemed like a thousand snickleways.

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Sometimes, on a Sunday morning, if she was in time and her head was sufficiently clear, she would sit in the Minster during the Sung Eucharist and let the words and music wash over her.

She never went up for communion, naturally, but she always found the service somehow soothing. Sarah smiled again at the memories and then found herself touching her dog-collar. She had only been ordained a few weeks earlier and she still felt incredibly self-conscious in this clerical get up.

It had an amazing effect on other people too: She supposed that she would get used to it and that others would eventually see past the collar to the real Sarah, perhaps even a decent man! Still, for now she had other things to look forward to, like moving into her new flat could she see the building from here, Sarah peered but thought not and settling into her new job as curate of St Michael le Belfry, which stood below her in the shadow of the Minster.

Etma 01

It was funny how things had worked out. The wind felt slightly colder now. Sarah pulled her coat tighter and turned to begin the climb down. Part 3 In words write a story or part of a story that fictionalises something that is mentioned on the radio when you go to turn it on now. Choose a setting which you describe somewhere in your words, and tell this mini story from the narrative point of view of a character whom the story directly affects.

Do not use any dialogue.

Etma 01

Write in either past or present tense. Try to use clear vivid language so that your reader can see the setting and character. My name is Leif. I am 43 and I have lived in Sweden all my life. I live in a small room in a big building on the outskirts of Stockholm. I see a doctor nearly every day.

Sometimes I like to think that I am descended from the Vikings. I am certainly big enough. If I were a Viking then I would be a Berserker.Feb 24,  · This feature is not available right now.

Please try again later. says etma secretary general Gregor Spengler explaining the significance of the award. “It is a valuable source of inspiration for packaging professionals and customers and allows them to recognise important trends.” Besides tubes that are eco-friendly and produced in a sustainable.

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Marcus McBeth Stats. Marcus McBeth was born on Saturday, August 23, , in Spartanburg, South Carolina. McBeth was 26 years old when he broke into the . Welcome to ETMA Enviornment technology and management association The Environmental Technology and Management Association (ETMA) is the Saudi Arabian Section of the Air and Waste Management Association (SAS-A&WMA).

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