Critical essay on the iliad

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Critical essay on the iliad

Venetus A contains the following in one volume: As a result, the task of tracing their contents to their sources is extraordinarily difficult and obscure.

The study of the Iliadic scholia is a significant ongoing research topic in Homeric scholarship. The main source for the A scholia was probably a compilation of their work, rather than each of the four men's work individually.

Because all four of these scholars worked in the tradition of the Alexandrian scholar Aristarchusmuch of the A scholia can be traced back to Aristarchus himself. The relationship between the A scholia and other branches of the Iliadic scholia, however, is much more debatable and confused.

A text which does not survive, known as "ApH" for its authors "Apion and Herodorus", is key to all reconstructions of this relationship. Eustathius in his own commentary on the Iliad frequently refers to "Apion and Herodorus" as a source, and a comparison between them shows that the relationship between "ApH" and the A scholia is a close one.

Two stemmata or "family trees" for Venetus A may be summarised from the work of van der Valk and Erbse respectively: Van der Valk 's reconstruction of the sources for Venetus A; bold text indicates texts that survive Erbse 's reconstruction of the sources for Venetus A; bold text indicates texts that survive Of the two, Erbse's viewpoint tends to be the more highly regarded.

Another important source that feeds into A is a group of scholia on mythographical and allegorical topics, derived from Porphyry 's Homeric Questions. The current standard edition of the Iliad's scholia, that of Erbse, omits these scholia.

History[ edit ] Venetus A was created in the tenth century AD.

Critical essay on the iliad

The twelfth century Byzantine scholar and archbishop Eustathiuseven if he never saw the manuscript itself, certainly knew texts which were closely related to it; see Origins above Eustathius cites "Apion and Herodorus" as a source in his own commentary about seventy times.

At some point Venetus A was transported to Italy, but how and when this happened is uncertain. At one point it was thought that Giovanni Aurispa brought it there.

Aristarchum super Iliade in duobus voluminibus, opus quoddam spatiosum et pretiosissimum; aliud commentum super Iliade, cuius eundem auctorem esse puto et illius quod ex me Nicolaus noster habuit super Ulixiade. Aurispa already owned the "two volumes" in ; this suggests that he may have brought them back from a trip to Greece in One scholar has suggested that Aurispa's two volumes were in fact Laurentianus LIX 2 and 3, a two-volume copy of Eustathius' Iliad commentary corrected in Eustathius' own hand, and in which the title is erased.

Bessarion collected over a thousand books in the fifteenth century, including the only complete text of Athenaios ' Deipnosophistai ; the autograph of Planudes ' Greek Anthology; and Venetus A.

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InBessarion donated his library to the Republic of Venice, and the library was increased by further acquisitions from Bessarion until his death in Bessarion made a condition that scholars wishing to consult the library should deposit books, but no attempt to enforce this was made until The earliest known scholar to have used Venetus A as a source is Martinus Phileticus in the s; [5] in this he was followed by Vettore Fausto in or InBessarion's library was transferred to the building designed for it by Sansovinothe Biblioteca Sansoviniana.

It remains there today. This was the first publication of any Iliadic scholia other than the "D" scholia the scholia minora. In reviewing Villoison's edition, Wolf realised that these scholia proved conclusively that the Homeric epics had been transmitted orally for an unknown length of time before appearing in writing.

This led to the publication of his own seminal Prolegomena ad Homerumwhich has set the agenda for much of Homeric scholarship since then. This work has resulted in the publication of high-resolution images of each folio of the manuscript, including details of significant areas and ultraviolet images of badly faded text; the images are published under a Creative Commons License and are available for viewing and downloading from the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard University.

A and B scholia Bekker, — A and B scholia Heyne, — D scholia or "scholia minora" Lehrs, Aristonicus reconstructed from VMK Schmidt, A, B, and T scholia Nicole, Ge scholia Comparetti Kirk,"The Iliad: FranceschiniGiovanni Aurispa e la sua biblioteca Padova.

Diller"Aurispa and Aristarchus", Classical Philology PincelliMartini Philetici.

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In corruptores Latinitatis Rome ; reviewed by F. PontaniBryn Mawr Classical Review Reviews, essays, books and the arts: the leading international weekly for literary culture. (Critical Essay 1): In Homer 39;s Iliad, fate always seems to be always lurking around the corner, waiting for its next victim to meet his or nbsp; Iliad Critical Essays – and criticism on Homer 39;s Iliad – Critical Essays.

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