Cools papers

Senators are appointed positions of immense prestige, but restricted political power, that can be held until the seat holder reaches the age of As senator of the province of Ontario, Cools has become somewhat infamous in Canada for her conservative social values, which often put her at odds with her original party, the Liberals. Cools is a naturalized citizen of Canada who came to the country from her native Barbados when she was 13 years old. She was born on the Caribbean island, a British colonial possession in the West Indieson August 12,and grew up in a household that valued education and political service; both a grandfather and her uncle were active in the political life on the island.

Cools papers

Cools papers

Papers Frobose, M. General [pdf] Swart, J. An fNIRS validation study. K, de Boer, F. Spontaneous eye blink rate and dopamine synthesis capacity: Preliminary evidence for an absence of positive correlation.

Dopaminergic drug effects on probability weighting during risky decision-making. Greater mindful eating practice is associated with better reversal learning.

Chemical neuromodulation of cognitive control avoidance. Curr Opinion Behav Sci. Top-down expectation effects of food labels on motivation. Controlling striatal function via anterior frontal cortex stimulation. Creative cognition and dopaminergic modulation of fronto-striatal networks: Integrative review and research agenda.

Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. Catecholaminergic challenge uncovers distinct Pavlovian and instrumental mechanisms of motivated in action. Integrative Modeling of Prefrontal Cortex. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. Disruption of reward processing in addiction: An image-based meta-analysis of fMRI studies.

A, Luman, M, Faraone, S. V, Cools, R, Buitelaar, J. K, Mennes, M The contribution of striatal pseudo-reward prediction errors to value-based decision-making. M, Cools, R, Aarts, E Loss of lateral prefrontal cortex control in food-directed attention and goal-directed food choice in obesity. D, Cools, R, Forstmann, B.

Focal striatum lesions impair cautiousness in humans. The neurocognitive cost of enhancing cognition with methylphenidate: The specificity of Pavlovian regulation is associated with recovery from depression. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

Stress and Cognitive Flexibility: Cortisol increases are associated with enhanced updating but impaired switching. Visual sexual stimuli — cue or reward? A perspective for interpreting brain imaging findings on human sexual behaviors.

M, Cools, R, Barch D. Impaired activation in cognitive control regions predicts reversal learning in Schizophrenia. A, Franke, B, van Wel, J. G, De Bruijn, E.

Opposite effects of cannabis and cocaine on performance monitoring. H, Cools, R, Roelofs, K Reduced transfer of affective value to instrumental behavior in violent offenders. Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Reduced affective biasing of instrumental action with tDCS over the prefrontal cortex.The January transfer window has closed over a week ago but that has not stopped speculation surrounding many players’ futures.


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Anne Cools made Canadian history in when she became the first black ever to serve in her country's Senate, the upper house of parliament. Senators are appointed positions of immense prestige, but restricted political power, that can be held until the seat holder reaches the age of As.

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