Black history essay contest elementary

Winners will be rewarded with a bevy of great prizes, such as Pelicans basketball tickets, on court recognition, pregame meet and greet with a Pelicans player, prize packs, and much more! Our fifth graders submitted amazing entries that highlight their research and writing skills. Check out five of our top entries, and good luck fifth graders! Angela Lee Black History Month is an important time to celebrate and to thank those African American for giving us hope or a life lesson that can be applied in our current culture.

Black history essay contest elementary

The contest is open topic, which means there is no theme that the topic must relate to. Topics on Texas and local history are preferred though not mandatory. Special Awards do require the writer to address specific areas of history through their chosen topic. Please consult with your sponsors and teachers to ensure you use the formats properly.

You must be a member of a current Junior Historian chapter or a Member-at-Large to enter the contest. For a list of schools with chapters or instructions for becoming a member-at-large click on the appropriate link in the previous sentence.

Black history essay contest elementary

A paper may compete for any combination of awards. Awards are given at the Junior Historian Annual Meeting. You do NOT have to be present to win, though participation is strongly encouraged.

Members research and photograph a building or location in their community, write a no more than word description of the location based on the questions found on pages in the Save Our History Educators Manual, and include a collection of photographs that adequately show the building.

A completed entry must include four copies of the following: The no more than essay, using endnotes. An annotated bibliography with sources separated between primary and secondary.

The collection of photographs of the building with captions. All entries should be typed on 8 by 11 inch white paper with 1 inch margins on all sides and stapled in the upper left hand corner.

Photos should be printed on photographic paper from either a standard 35 mm camera or be high resolution dpi or greater digital images. Junior and Senior Division Paper Guidelines Development Requirements Papers submitted for competition must be researched and developed during the current contest year that begins following the Annual Meeting each Spring.

Revising or reusing an entry from a previous year—whether your own or another student's—is unacceptable and will result in disqualification.

Production of Entry You are responsible for the research, design, and creation of your entry. You may receive help and advice from teachers and parents on the mechanical aspects of creating your entry: You may have help typing your paper and other written materials. You may seek guidance from your teachers as you research and analyze your material, but your conclusions must be your own.

Required Materials Entries must include four copies of the following written materials in the following order: A title page as described below. A properly documented paper as described below.

An annotated bibliography as described below. Materials must be typed, computer printed, or legibly handwritten in ink on plain, white 8. Pages must be numbered consecutively and double-spaced with writing on one side and with no more than 12 characters per inch or no less than point type.

Materials must be stapled in the top left corner and should not be enclosed in any cover or binder. Title Page A title page is required as the first page of written material in every category.Annual Black History Month Essay Contest & Luncheon. The American Association of Blacks in Energy Tennessee Chapter celebrates Black History month annually by hosting an essay contest for elementary students each February.

This year's luncheon will be held on February 16, in the auditorium of MLGW at S. Main Street in Memphis, TN. Governor Rick Scott’s Black History Month Essay Contest is open to all 4th through 12th grade students in the state of Florida.

Three winners will be selected: one elementary () student, one middle () student, and one high school () student. Black History Month – February Highlights of CCSD School Activities Batterman Elementary School Additionally, the school is holding a Black History Month music trivia contest every Thursday.

For details, call Marie Thomas at () Jessica Rosnage, 5th grader at Plum Point Elementary School, won first place in the Maryland State Conference NAACP Black History Month Student Competition.

The writing contest, co-sponsored by Verizon, is held annually in recognition of Black History Month.

Black History Month 53 Writing Ideas

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TOP. . Black History Month Essay Contest 9 th, 10 th, 11 th & 12 th Grade essays should address the following topic: Florida is a great place to live, work, and visit .

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