Avery sticker project paper

Last month I showed how to make planner stickers from digital supplies.

Avery sticker project paper

You will find online universal sticker paper, but you will also find sticker paper made especially for inkjet or laserjet printers, make sure you check that aspect before buying.

How to make amazing vintage stickers The whole experiment started with the three types of paper I mentioned in the supplies list, each having its own beauty and charm.

So we will have 3 different categories for our stickers, 3 different printables and 3 types of paper and a few coffee stain variations to experiment with! You will see that this will give you endless possibilities when it comes to using the stickers, but also adding your personal touches so they would perfectly fit your needs!

Clear sticker paper The first type of paper I will be showing you today is the clear sticker paper.

Avery sticker project paper

This is pretty much self explanatory, you will just have to print the amazing vintage stickers and you will have some beautiful clear stickers ready to be used when needed.

I started by roughly cutting each sticker first.


I tried making rounded cuts when following the shape of each image, with an almost circular hand move on the edges, to give them a more natural feel — instead of making blunt cuts with sharp points.

This structure will help you to better handle the stickers and without it, the whole sticker or some parts of it might be ruined when pealing the back paper and actually using them. To give you an example, you can check the wire dress from the image below where you can see how I intentionally left some paper on the left and on the right side of its standing leg.

The clear sticker paper is the most adaptable if you wish, because of its clear background, and once peeled of, it will easily blend in onto any surface.

Avery sticker project paper

This type of paper is the one used to usually make self adhesive labels and you have to be careful when buying it not to get the one that is already pre-cut into different sized sections.

You need the one-sheet white sticker paper, just keep that in mind before making your purchase! This category includes images with well defined silhouettes, but also consists of images that have more intricate details.

And like I mentioned before, when handling these delicate details, I found it easier to use some of the blank paper around those specific details to create structure.

Below you can see how I followed the well defined shape of the cloche image and removed all the white paper around it. I cut all the images following the same guiding lines and I was starting to feel really excited about this project!

While I was trying to figure all these things out I thought it would be fun to include a few elements that could be easily used on their own, but can be also combined and used with other complementary elements.

Avery sticker project paper | eBay

A good example — the beautiful urns and botanicals from the images below. Each image can be used as a standing element, but they all make the most gorgeous arrangements when combined!

I also added a few smaller elements like bees, birds, and flowers, so you can get really creative if wanting to make different combinations — you can add birds to cages, bees to flowers, birds to flowers, flowers on top of cages, flowers and birds in urns, branches and bees in urns … you name it!

If you are happy with this clean and white look, you can just start and use the amazing vintage stickers that we made using the white sticker paper. Just peel the back paper and stick them on the pages of your bullet journal, planner, junk journal or on any other type of surfaces you want to try — yes, you can adhere them to other surfaces, too!

But if you want to take the vintageing a new word?!! I only added a small amount of liquid on each sticker using a brush and some paper towels underneath and I could instantly see the difference!I’ve also bought the Avery brand of sticker paper from my local craft store. I’ve noticed lately that both of these are pretty pricy, so I was on the hunt for different paper.

My favorite that I have been using lately is the full sheet or half sheet white labels from my office supply store. Avery Sticker Project Paper - paper - 10 pcs. overview and full product specs on CNET.

Identifying Your Avery Stock. There are two basic pieces of information you need to know in order to pick your Avery stock correctly. The first is which type of project the stock was made for labels, business cards, stickers, or something else.

Oct 28,  · Here we explain how to use a self adhesive clear sticker paper which only requires an Inkjet printer and normal ink. Order from UK / International Store - ht.

Avery Sticker Project Paper Take any clip art or your own personal creations and make them into stickers. All you need is this Sticker Project paper and an inkjet printer. Get it done right with Avery Design and Print and a variety of other templates and software at benjaminpohle.com Use Microsoft Word templates and Adobe templates to design and print the easy way.

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