Air force history in hindi for 10

The enactment of the Indian Air Force Act [19] [20] stipulated out their auxiliary status and enforced the adoption of the Royal Air Force uniforms, badges, brevets and insignia. Arjan Singh middle as Flight Lieutenant.

Air force history in hindi for 10

A sixth officer, J N Tandon had to revert to logistics duties as he was too short. World War II — [ edit ] Main article: New aircraft, including the U. Inwhen India became a republic, the prefix was dropped and it reverted to Indian Air Force.

First Kashmir War [ edit ] Main article: Indo-Pakistani War of In a bid to gain control of the erstwhile princely state of Jammu and KashmirPathan tribesmen poured into Kashmir on 20 Octoberaided by the Pakistani Army. Incapable of withstanding the armed assault in his province, the Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singhasked India for help.

The Instrument of accession was signed on 26 October and the next day Indian troops were airlifted into Srinagar.

Air force history in hindi for 10

The agreement was later ratified by the British. This was the most instrumental action of the war as the troops saved the city from the invaders.

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Apart from the airlifting operations and supplying essential commodities to the ground troops, the Indian Air Force had no other major role to play in the conflict. On 31 Decemberboth nations agreed to a UN mediated cease-fire proposal marking the end of hostilities.

Congo Crisis [ edit ] Main article: Unable to control the deteriorating situation in its former African colony, Belgium asked for UN assistance.

Sino-Indian War [ edit ] Main article: Sino-Indian War of Inborder disputes escalated into full-scale war between India and China. Indian military and civilian leadership failed to organise and co-ordinate the air assaults efficiently and eventually the Indian Air Force was never used during the conflict apart from occasional supply missions.

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Second Kashmir War [ edit ] See also: Learning from the experiences of the Sino-Indian war, India decided to use its air force extensively during the war.

With newly acquired HFMiG and Sukhoi Su-7 BM though the versions of these acquired between and did not have night-fight capability aircraft, the IAF was able to measure up to the most powerful air forces in the world.

The professional standards, capability and flexibility were soon put to the test in December when India and Pakistan went to war over then East Pakistan. But the plan failed miserably as Indians had anticipated such a move and no major losses were suffered.

Within the first two weeks, the IAF had carried out more than 4, sorties in East Pakistan and provided successful air cover for the advancing Indian army in East Pakistan.

In the west, the airforce demolished scores of tanks and armoured vehicles in a single battle - the Battle of Longewala.A large military transport aircraft developed by McDonnell Douglas for United States Air Force from s to the early s.

Indian Air Force and Boeing agreed on terms for the order of 10 Cs. "Air Force History In Hindi For 10" Essays and Research Papers Air Force History In Hindi For 10 Training of Air Force Personnel Canada’s role from WWI to WWII Introduction .

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The Indian Air Force has aircraft and equipment of Russian (erstwhile Soviet Union), British, French, Israeli, US and Indian origins with Russian aircraft dominating its inventory. HAL produces some of the Russian and British aircraft in India under licence. India's air force retained the name of the Royal Indian Air Force, but three of the ten operational squadrons and facilities, located within the borders of Pakistan, were transferred to the Royal Pakistan Air benjaminpohle.comy: India.

The Indian Air Force's History precedes World War Two by eight years.

Air force history in hindi for 10

The IAF was established by on 8 Oct when its formation was announced in the Gazette of India. No.1 Squadron formed at Drigh Road in Karachi on 1 April with a complement of six Indian Officers under the .

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